Notre Dame de Paris

Yes I know, I’ve been bad, but December is one of those months that never ends for me. This past December I’ve had way too much going on, and just now things are starting to go back to normal. Hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year, and hope that the coming year will bring much needed peace and love to our planet. Still have more to share about Paris, so here we go 🙂

Notre Dame is one of those places that I had to see and experience in order to understand what the big deal is. And now that I have, let me tell you, I understand. While I’ve seen pictures of it before, nothing compares to actually walking through those heavy wooden doors and just getting lost inside.


Celebrating 850 years in 2013, the cathedral stood as beautiful as can be.


I felt like I couldn’t take enough pictures, and those I took couldn’t do it justice. Not much to say other than ENJOY 🙂










Needless to say, if you’re ever in Paris, don’t miss out on experiencing Notre Dame.

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