Edinburgh Castle

Located on a hill in the heart of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle can’t be missed. It is really an impressive structure that has helped in shaping Scotland’s history. Walking towards the castle, this was our view. I had mixed feelings about a stadium built inside the courtyard. While watching a show or a concert there must be an amazing experience, it also doesn’t fit.

DSC_0183It was a very crowded day and we only had a couple of hours to run through the castle.


The castle offered many great views of the city depending on the side you were on. It was a cloudy and somewhat hazy day, but we still managed to get a few decent pictures.


As we all know, I’m a sucker for anything old. It was very hard trying to enjoy the tour while taking pictures, and the fact that it was a full house was a challenge as well.



Many Scottish monarchs resided here over the centuries including Queen Margaret who later became St. Margaret.




Did you know that Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to King James VI here? And that little “palace” of theirs was impressively decorated (of course)






From inside the castle, this is what the courtyard with the stadium looked like.


A few more shots around the castle, it was really fun and worth the trouble given the fact that we had very limited time.




According to the Scots, Private McBain’s wife who had been in winter quarters decided to return home to Scotland. It was at Malplaquet that she handed her infant son to his father who was on parade. Having nowhere else to put him, private McBain fought the battle with the child in his knapsack. Personally I didn’t notice the baby until I read the description.


This another view of the city from the top of the castle.


On our way out, I took one last shot. I would imagine that back in the day, when these were lit with fire and monarchs with their carriages roamed the castle, that it was just amazing!! I know, I’m crazy!


This concludes the hours we spent roaming Edinburgh. Next stop will be Paris 😀

6 thoughts on “Edinburgh Castle

  1. I much prefer to be in open country be it mountain or coast. But if I had to pick a favourite U.K. city it would most definitely be Edinburgh. Apart from some great buildings I think it location across several hills add to the majesty of the place.

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