What I learned from Aaron Draplin

Last night I attended a presentation by Aaron Draplin from DDC as part of Houston Design Week. A first of its kind event to take place in Houston and it’s been absolutely fantastic. Organized by AIGA Houston’s chapter, they have done a great job in bringing a variety of events and speakers covering different aspects of design and typography. For me, last night’s presentation was one of the highlights of this week. Aaron was extremely funny and engaging while presenting his story including some highlights of his work, things he loves and hates.


Asides from being a great designer, what made Aaron special was how simple and down to earth he was. He gave real and relevant advice that applies to all of us, and he continued to be funny while doing all of it.


Every bit of it was interesting, and never a dull moment. Sharing personal experiences with such transparency gave this theatre that was full of people a very intimate feeling. Extremely brilliant and inspiring, his presentation included work, family, and a little bit of politics 😉 I believe everyone in this theatre left on such a high note, feeling very happy and determined. Thank you Aaron.

Today, I’ll be attending a logo workshop with him. It is the last event in Houston Design Week, and I’m predicting it will be an awesome experience with great people. Until my next post, I will leave you with some of things I’ve learned from Aaron Drapling last night.


by Alejandro Banegas



Last but not least, always help and support each other.

Well done Houston, well done AIGA, and thanks to everyone -presenters and attendees- who made this a successful and great week.

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