Second Stop: Edinburgh

Since there’s no airport in St. Andrews, we had to fly in and out of Edinburgh. We had about 7 hours to go around the city, and we used every minute of that time. If you stay in the city center, you can just walk anywhere and find almost everything you’re looking for.


To me, the older the city is, the more attractive is becomes. I’m just a sucker to historic buildings and monuments.


I’ve seen many churches, but this one was unique- specially with that golden tower.


From different angles, the sun light worked its magic and highlighted the tower only to make it look more distinct.


This is some of the gorgeous detailed work on the entrance.


And just around the corner we found the parliament square.


I must say that for a big city, Edinburgh managed to preserve and display so much of its history and culture.



Apparently, witchery tours are very popular there. We ran through a few of them, and this guys was really funny πŸ™‚



I took 156 pictures in Edinburgh and about 1000 total during our trip. I’m still not done processing all of them, but I hope I will be in the near future.


I’m not sure what this building is, I should probably look it up, but I could only imagine the view from one of these windows.


If you want, there are many bus tours that take you around all these sites. You can get off and on from different stops as you please, but if you can walk then I say ditch the buses.


Of course being downtown, there was tons of shopping and souvenir shops. They also love their whisky and cashmere, because every other shop was either a whisky or a cashmere shop!


I was pleasantly surprised at the international food selection that was available in such a small radius in the city, which of course worked to our advantage. With too many choices around, we found ourselves drawn to an Indian tapas restaurant through the delicious smell that lingered across the street from it. So I must say that if you’re ever there and looking for a good meal stop by Mother India Cafe. They have more than one location, delicious excellent food, reasonable prices, and friendly staff. All together it was one of the greatest meals we had during our travels.

Stay tuned for the next post featuring Edinburgh’s castle, isn’t it amazing how much you can do in 7 hours!!

8 thoughts on “Second Stop: Edinburgh

  1. I visited Edinburgh over the New Year and took one of those hop on hop off busses to see the sights. I had only the one day so I needed to get around quick. The view from the castle was amazing and yes… so much international restaurants. We had ‘real Neapolitan’ pizza! lol I knew the minute I entered the city that one day wasn’t enough. It was so beautiful and I vowed to return for a slower paced visit! Great photos, Rasha… it was nice to relive some of the same sights!

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