St. Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle was the official residence of Scotland’s leading bishop (and later archbishop) throughout the Middle Ages. Its scale demonstrated the power and wealth of the bishops, and it was the setting for many important events which determined the course of Scottish history. (From historic-scotland)


In the 10th century, the bishops of St Andrews gained overarching responsibility for the Scottish Church. Bishop Arnold (1160–2) began building a new cathedral on an unprecedented scale, and Bishop Roger (1189–1202) began the new castle as his official residence. (From historic-scotland)


This plaque is located right outside of the castle wall. Apparently Wishart’s story is one of the most famous ones there.


A few feet and just off the sidewalk is where that spot is marked. (Still can’t figure out why I never took a picture when I was there)

During the Wars of Independence with England, the castle suffered significant damage, and had to be substantially rebuilt by Bishop Walter Trail (1385–1401). (From historic-scotland)


Between the 14th and 16th centuries the castle suffered severe damage during many of the wars at that time. It was also rebuilt a few times in between by the bishops who used it as a residence.


Just like the cathedral, being located right by the water, gives all these places a little more charm to talk about.



From the corner, you can see the cathedral.


I know I’ve said this before, but were really lucky to catch that heat wave. Not one drop of rain came down during our stay there.


The abolition of episcopacy in 1592 effectively left the castle without a resident or a function and it fell rapidly into ruin. In 1801 the great hall fell into the sea and further losses continued until the construction of a sea wall in 1886. (From historic-scotland)


I can only imagine how magnificent this structure was before it fell into ruins, when bishops still lived there and it used it to on a daily basis to control the town.



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  1. Rasha… beautiful images here! Castles and coast line and green luscious grass!!! I visited Glasgow and Edinburgh in January and I couldn’t believe how green the landscape was even in January! I can see it only gets greener! Lovely… as they’d say! Thanks for sharing.

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