St. Andrews Cathedral

In the little charming town of St. Andrews and right on the water is St. Andrews Cathedral.  Being Scotland’s largest and most magnificent medieval church, the cathedral was the seat of Scotland’s leading bishops (and from 1472 archbishops). It occupied a site used for worship since the 8th century AD, when the relics of St Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint, are said to have been brought there. (from



The cathedral was begun in 1160–2 by Bishop Arnold. Work continued over the next 150 years, interrupted by a storm in 1272 which blew down the west front, and the first War of Independence against England (1296–1307). The cathedral was eventually dedicated in 1318, in the presence of King Robert I, by which date it was by far the largest church in Scotland. (from


I actually went there twice, once in the morning and another time around sunset. It was magnificent both times of course 🙂 When you go there in the morning, you have the benefit of going inside the courtyard.


The cathedral’s buildings are surrounded by a graveyard, and even though most of the cathedral is in ruins it still attracts many visitors. If you’re ever there you should visit.



I’m sure that the original structure must have been an amazing site and architectural work, which is why I often wish that I lived in the past so I could have witnessed all these structures at their peak. But then I’m sure that people from the past would want to live in the future!



You could easily spend days looking at the headstones with the sweetest dedications written on them. The loving mother of 5 or the young man who died while saving a drowning child, each had a story to tell.


Most of them were from the 19th century, with some from the 18th and early 20th century. There were many pretty crosses, and these are just a few.















I hope you enjoy theses pictures, I absolutely loved taking them. Next post will be St. Andrews beach, stay tuned 😉

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