First Stop: St. Andrews

As you all know, we’re back after a great trip to Scotland and France. I’m all relaxed, happy, and glad my kids didn’t drive everyone crazy. Well, almost πŸ™‚

I’ve got almost 1000 pictures to go through and process, and I’ll try my best to share as they become available. The not so fun thing of going on vacation is that your work piles up and deadlines become even closer. I’ve missed the kids so much, and they were never happier to see us, but with the great technology of FaceTime, things were much easier on both of us.


Our first stop was an adorable little town about 53 miles north of Edinburgh. Founded in 1410, its older buildings and cobble stone roads added so much character to the place.


On that first day we had some great Indian food at Balalaka, andΒ after dinner, we pretty much walked all around town. And since the sun doesn’t set until 11pm, I had plenty of time to take pictures.


We were jet lagged and tired, but it was too good to be true. And I knew that on the next morning we were going to get busy with the conference. The little stone houses were so cute, I wished I could live in one of them. Below is one of the archways which are known as the PendsΒ at St. Andrews.


The weather was just perfect around mid 70’s F, which apparently was warm for that part of the world. I couldn’t help but laugh when the weatherman was talking about the “heat wave” their country was having. For us, that barley made the cut to warm weather. There were actually days where we had to wear jackets when temperature stuck around 60F.


One of the greatest things was the water -almost- all around. It was so peaceful, and although there were cars I didn’t hear one beep during the days we were there.


All I heard was the sounds of the birds every morning and evening. It was exactly what we needed as a start to our trip, because it gave us a chance to relax after a long extremely hectic couple of years.


The water was beautiful, and there were people all around. After all the country was going through a heat wave πŸ™‚


As you can tell, beautiful nature was all around. For a place that get brutally cold in the winter, they had colorful flowers everywhere.


Another thing that made our stay so pleasant was the people. If you’ve ever been to London, you’d notice that their usually not so “friendly?” Scottish people were so talkative, smiling all the time, and offering help even before we asked.


I will post my visit to St. Andrews’ cathedral, castle, and beach a in separate post, they’re just too many pictures to post at one time.

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