“She wanted to talk to me, but couldn’t”

I’m back, and had a different post prepared for today, but I woke up to some upsetting news. We lost a member of our family today, Dima, my brother’s cat who’s been around for 14 years. I never thought of this moment before, and never thought that it would be that devastating.

Being this upset made me think about people who take other people’s lives without a blink of an eye… I mean, I guess it’s something that I will never understand. The loss of a soul is a loss to all humanity.

The title of this post were my brother’s words to me when we was describing to me Dima’s last moments. Below is what he posted on fb today, and there was no way I could’ve said it that well.


“I took Dima to the hospital on Friday. She was weak, haven’t been eating and drinking much.

She was found to be dehydrated and was still showing symptoms of a bad cold. Blood test results came in to indicate that her kidneys were not working and that her immune was very low.

Over the past three days, they treated the dehydration and cold symptoms and tried to boost her immune in hopes that doing all this would reduce the stressed on her and revive her kidneys, unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Today the head doctor and the other doctor told me that it’s a chronic kidney failure (permanent) and that she’s starting to enter into a comma and that death was inevitable. They said they she’s not in pain now, but the minute we take out the IV, the urea and creatinine were gonna shoot up and it was gonna start to make other organs fail. One consequent scenario was that her lungs were gonna start to fill with water and she would’ve ended up suffocating……

It was the hardest call I ever had to make…..

I went in to say good bye. She looked very weak and frail, making no movement at all, almost in the exact same position she was in last night….I tried moving her hand gently and she was just totally submissive with no reaction….. I pet and caressed her and massaged her paw. I told her I loved her many times and that I will miss her very much and that I’m sorry. At one point she tried to meow and her jaw made a very slight movement……

Dima Shamma was put to sleep at approximately 3:40pm today July 22nd, 2013. She was born on October 29, 1999.

I took her and buried her in northern Jeddah at an empty lot where two other cats that used to belong to my relatives were also buried.

Thank you for years of fun times, companionship and love, specially the times when there was no one else around. Rest in peace sweetheart. I will always love and miss you very much.”

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