Beautiful Skies

Since we’ve arrived in Chicago, we’ve driven to New Jersey and back, Wisconsin Dells and back, and will be flying to Scotland on our little adventure in just a few days. I took these photos using my phone while inside the car, and my husband driving. The clouds in the sky looked so beautiful, almost the whole time.

I’ll also use this opportunity to let you guys know about our upcoming trip. My husband has a conference in St. Andrews coming up, and I decided to tag along. We’ll be there for a few days before flying to Paris- something I’m so excited about! Amazing grandma and aunt agreed to keep the kids, which is why this was possible of course. I’ve been too busy to think about it, but now I’m actually getting nervous about leaving the kids, and worrying I’m going to miss them a little too much.






I will try to post again as soon as we get back, I’m already thinking of all the pictures I need to take 🙂

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