Back in my Beloved City

So I know I’ve been really bad, but I have many good reasons. The past two months have been insanely busy that they felt like eternity. It was the end of the semester for my husband, and me handling everything else (kids, home, work, and design). And above all that there was the packing for our usual summer travels that started last week. I actually have some exciting plans this summer, but that will come in future posts.

We drove for a couple of days and now we’re in my beautiful Chicago. While the city didn’t have a warm welcome for us -it was 50 degrees when we got here- it is finally starting to warm up.

Today, my husband and I took the train to Hyde Park to meet some friends for lunch, followed by mint tea at Bonjour Cafe.


After that we took a stroll around Burnham Park, only for me to realize that I didn’t bring my camera. And therefore it was iPhone to the rescue πŸ™‚ For those of you who are not familiar with this building, it is the Museum of Science and Industry.


Naturally, I started falling behind while everyone else got way ahead of me.


But it was too beautiful not to stop and take pictures, because every tree around us had a story to tell.


One of our friends suggested we visit this Japanese garden nearby, and it wasn’t long before we got there.


Need I say that it was breathtaking?


The windy gravel walkway went through the garden and provided a great contrast in color against the green grass.


And I should say that I was proud of my iPhone for keeping up with me, because I took tons of pictures.


As you can tell, wether you looked right or left there was eye candy everywhere, and the reflections were so clear.


Also, the ducks were brave and must have been used to people. They didn’t mind me getting really close.


In fact, one of them gave me a little show.


At this point, when I looked back, this was my view.. Oil painting?


And of course, what’s a park without a cute little bridge?


More duckies πŸ™‚


And many yellow water lilies.


Does anyone know what this type of tree is called? I know it’s very common of Japanese gardens.


It’s now time to jump on the stone walkway…


… and pass by the waterfalls.


Now my husband is asking me to hurry up cause I’m taking too long, but I was enjoying my walk a little too much. I think that is one of my favorite shots.


Along with this one.


And those flowers, you couldn’t miss.


Until you passed by these, you can smell them without even coming close.


That concluded our visit to the garden and it was time to get back on the train in time to pick up the kids. On our way I saw the cutest little houses and chose this one as my favorite.


Needless to say, if you’re ever in the area and Chicago is behaving (weather wise) pass through theΒ promontory point and the Japanese garden. It was so peaceful and extremely relaxing, two things I really needed.

22 thoughts on “Back in my Beloved City

  1. Stupendous post ,amazing pictures.Enjoyed the journey through the scenery. Regards.jalal

  2. Dear Rasha….wonderful photog of Chicago park and Japanese Garden.

    More later, enjoy


    Sent from my iPad

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