Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Did I mention how much I enjoyed San Antonio? After my 3 posts about it, I should mention that while you’re there you must stop by the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. I guarantee you will have a fun filled experience wether you’re an adult or a child. The drive through will easily take a couple of hours, aside from the cafeteria and petting zoo. Get the coupon from their website and a couple of food bags, and you’re all set.


They were so friendly and adorable.

I made a friend, and he kept posing for me 🙂safari11

Then this guy came, and didn’t look as friendly.. safari14

…but it turns out he just wanted a snack.

Now him, I’ve never seen horns that big!safari9Turns out I was wrong.

safari8One of my favorites was the ostriches, they were not afraid at all.


Two of them stuck their heads inside the car, but due to the surprise element and the kids screaming, I wasn’t able to catch that shot.


Another funny animal, those donkeys were so much fun to feed.  safari3

They were pushing each other to be fed.

safari4Now I never thought I would say this, but how come zebras are so underrated? I mean, have you gotten close to one before? They are just gorgeous.


The more I looked the more perfect those stripes looked. zeb2

As you can tell, I took so many pictures of those zebras. zeb3I even found mom and baby 🙂

zeb4Even my two year old wasn’t afraid at all, if anything, I was afraid for the animals!


15 thoughts on “Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

  1. Wonderful post Rasha,the pictures are amazing,beautiful photography.Thank you for liking my post (( The French revolution.)) Sincerly jalal

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