I had a different post for today, but it just seems like this message is more important right now. Truly, we are damned the day we have lost all empathy and value to human life, and decided that the value of one’s life depends on their political views. (Thanks to my husband for a great post that really spoke my heart)


I had the opportunity to meet Robert Ford, the US ambassador to Syria, this past week. I was invited for my efforts promoting Arab Studies in the city of Houston. The meeting was also attended by a number of Syrian, Arab and American professionals, including some members of the so called “Syrian Opposition.” I have no intention of recounting all the political issues discussed at the meeting. I want rather to share just a couple of points mentioned, which are of great importance but none of which are confidential.

What struck me was the consensus that the Syrian Opposition has a “major terrorist problem,” and—furthermore—is alarmed that terrorist activity is beginning to take over the movement. I was also struck by just how incoherent the Syrian Opposition remains. In this vein, no one disputes that the opposition has “completely failed” to put forth a unified, political agenda, and—furthermore—that the US…

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  1. Hi, it’s a difficult situation there in Syria all about politics but who have been forgotten is the normal people of Syria who are now in refugee camps or still on the run fleeing for violence, is it not sad ?

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