Time to Take Action

As many of you dear followers know, I am of Syrian origin, and as you also must know, the situation there has been getting worse. Aside from all the destruction that has affected the country, it is estimated that over 60,000 people have been killed -many of them women and children. The number of refugees is over 700,000 in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and even Libya. Yes I have many family members who fled the country, but still many remain there.

from abcnews.com

from abcnews.com

For many months now, we watched events unfold while feeling helpless, and let me tell you it is not a good feeling. I’ve had few family members who reside in Europe visit the refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey, and what they’ve seen is beyond heartbreaking. The people of Syria, who opened their country to Iraqis during the war, Lebanese during their conflicts, and anyone in need, are now freezing and hungry. One Huffington Post headline read “Syria Refugee Camps Filled With Child Deaths And Winter’s Cold,” and I think that no child should die because they’re hungry or for the lack of warm shelter.

from bigstory.ap.or

from bigstory.ap.or

Since we’ve been informed that many of the containers and supplies that have been shipped to these camps don’t make it through customs, or in some cases get destroyed or stolen, we’ve decided to take action myself. Β We will gather as much as we can to buy these families the food, medicine, and warm clothes that they desperately need. A very close family member will travel to Lebanon and Jordan to personally do it, and make sure that these displaced families will actually receive those contributions, wether it’s food, medicine, clothes, or money.

Many friends have already been so gracious and generous by giving what they can, and it’s been very touching to realize the people actually want to help, you just have to ASK. I am very thankful to have such people in my life. This is your chance to help, if you are interested please contact me for details.

17 thoughts on “Time to Take Action

  1. A tragedy beyond imagination .The Arab league ,the rich Golf States,the United Nation are standing still doing nothing to help the Syrian,The civil war since 3/2011 is embodiment of the Arab Spring.Great post as you said beyond heartbreaking.Blessings and regards.jalal

  2. I’m sorry to hear of such a tradgedy and would love to help any way that I can. Is it still possible to make a donation to help your endeavor to send them aid? If so, how would I go about doing that?

  3. Hi Leanova,thank you for liking (Earthly Glorification ) also for your comment .l value your opinion.Always jalal

  4. This is great, Rasha!! Really kind of you!!
    We are doing the same here in Bulgaria… there is an organisation, established by Syrians. We give them the clothes and they ship them to the refugees camps in Bulgaria or to the camps at the Turkish border… It’s good to see that many Bulgarians help as well..
    Oh… I hope that all that will finish very soon inshallah!

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