As the world is burns, many of us here in the US remain uninformed to say the least. In this day and Internet age, there is no excuse to remain “ignorant” to other human sufferings.


Renewed violence in what is commonly called the “Holy Land” mobilizes political interests in the Middle East and The US in ways that have oft repeated themselves incessantly for the past 4 decades. The US State Department will unconditionally support Israel and come to its rescue. And the Arab States–often under the leadership of Egypt–will convene meetings to condemn Israel’s overreaction and vocalize solidarity for the Palestinian people. We’ve been here before. And even as a new Middle East unfolds in the wake of the Arab revolutions, not much has changed.

World sentiment, however, has been increasingly sympathetic to the suffering of the Palestinian people as a result of the blockade on Gaza since 2006. The inhumanity and illegality of the blockade are apparent and warrant little commentary. Nor are the details of the exchange of fire between Hamas and the IDF my concern. Anyone with the meagrest internet access…

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