It Didn’t Survive..

Sorry todays’ post isn’t a happy one, however it is real. While I have no intention of getting into politics here, I couldn’t help but share. After all, you all have become my friends in this cyber space.

Back in February, I posted Will it Survive? wondering how far will the situation in my home country Syria get to. And wether the precious culture and history icons will survive the chaos and fighting. Well, 7 months later it is beyond terrible. I’m speechless. I don’t know what words can describe the heartache or the feeling I have looking at these photos, but sometimes it’s better not to say anything because silence speaks volumes.

This picture was taken 2 years ago in Aleppo, Syria. In the Center of the city, Saad Allah Jabry Square. We are standing in balcony of a famous hotel overlooking the square.



As of today, this is what the hotel looks like.


from J.N.N. network




and this is what the square looks like. The hotel you see on the left with the neon blue sign is where we stayed.



This is barely a glimpse of what has been going on all over the country. All my life I was able to roam the streets at 4am without the fear of any harm. Next time I am there, I am sure it will be different, if I get to see it again.


40 thoughts on “It Didn’t Survive..

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. What a horrible, heart-wrenching thing to live through. I am so sorry for you & pray that the world wakes up, realizes what is happening, and bands together in support of the people suffering & dying in Syria. My heart is with you, your family & your countrymen, Leanova.

    • Thank you for the heartfelt and supportive words, it really is a horrible situation and the reality is that the world will not wake up- not anytime soon. Thank you again, this is one of the sweetest comments I’ve read xoxo

  2. Extremely sad. Your ‘before and after’ study really drives the point home of what is happening there on the ground. My prayers and well wishes to all those who are suffering first hand the tragedy of war in Syria. Thank you for sharing your images and story with us.

  3. This made me cry 😦 I love and miss Syria and all I can do is wonder if we’ll be able to visit soon and praying for our families wellbeing there…. I’m anticipating what it would look like when we’re hopefully there again and how many beautiful things and places would be destroyed!!

  4. هذا الاوتيل الحلبّي الجميل أقام والديّ زفافهم فيه… في كل مرّة نزور حلب كانا يتباهيان فيه…ذاكرة محشوّة بآلاف التفاصيل معشّقة بالفستق الحلبي والقدود الحلبية ووجوه لأنس معجونين من الطيبة الأصيلة
    أعتقد أنهم قتلوا سعد الله الجابري مرّتين…أما نحن فنقتل في اليوم ألف مرّة.

  5. I’m so sad reading this post..I don’t want to “Like”’s such a painful thing to watch when your home country is falling apart before your eyes..
    I pray for Syria every day..we can only hope it gets better.

  6. I can’t imagine what it must be like in countries like Syria, Israel, Libya, etc., where death and destruction are such a daily occurrence. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to get worse because the world is just way too overpopulated, and heterosexuals are not willing to put a condom on it or take a pill.

    • It was never the case in Syria, 2 years ago I could still walk the streets at 3am feeling more safe than ever. Unfortunately, you are right, it will only get worse..

  7. Never been to Haleb, everyone says it’s a beautiful city… (or “it was”?)
    I don’t know what to say about Syria’s issue. I am speechless…
    Anyway, the picture with your kids is adorable, you look beautiful, masha’Allah.

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