Road Trip: The Last Stretch

On our way back from our summer travels, the last drive from Chicago to Houston took 2 days. Got a speeding ticket on the first day join 83 in a 65 mile zone. The cop didn’t really care that we were driving over a 1000 miles, funny they have time to give tickets but not help me at 1 am after someone broke into my car 😀 (If you’re reading my posts for the first time refer to Not My Usual Post).

Anyways, after 11 hours of driving we stopped and spent the night in Memphis TN. The next morning, while trying to find a gas station, I ran out of the car to snap some pictures. It was raining, and I was running around hiding my camera under my shirt! To my surprise, Memphis was such a cute little city with its own charming downtown area. My favorite thing was the tram, it was just adorable and I wish I had the time to ride it.

The convention center.


They had a pyramid too.

The adorable trams 🙂



And the Mississippi river..





6 thoughts on “Road Trip: The Last Stretch

  1. I loved those trams! Hope you made it home safely, I’m sure all the photos you have taken through the summer will turn into warm family memories in a cute photo album. Reagards 🙂

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