Who Said Packaging Was Not Fun?

While trying to distract myself from the pain of extracting two wisdom teeth, I came across this post and loved it. It’s really refreshing to see creativity at work, specially in taking an extra step to create something that is out of the ordinary. Something that is very much needed in a world full of competition. Think of how many times you picked up a different type of a product simply because you liked the packaging more?

60+ Beautiful and Creative Packaging Designs

Posted on brunomoura.net by  on June 27, 2012.



17 thoughts on “Who Said Packaging Was Not Fun?

  1. And packaging should be fun, its part of the experience of shopping…..even for the boring items. But sometimes it goes a touch too far and you do have to work out just what is inside the box. Nice theme for a post.

  2. I’m currently doing some packages for a client. These are great for inspiration! It’s quite a heavy task but once its approved and on the shelf, the feeling is awesome!

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