My Beloved Chicago

So, I’m still trying to play catch up as you can tell. I have so many pictures and stories to share about the road trip across country, but no time at all! After visiting family in New Jersey, we’re now back in Chicago mixing some business with pleasure. Having the kids mostly home is really making it difficult to achieve anything during the day, but we’re still trying to go out with friends whenever possible. And these pictures were taking last week when we were celebrating my husband’s birthday.

I must say, after living in so many countries and cities, Chicago has a special place in my heart and still feels like home. I will let you know if that changes, but for now it continues to be the most beautiful, charming, and magical city I’ve lived in.



15 thoughts on “My Beloved Chicago

  1. I respect your opinion as designer.but when it come to politic issues ? Could you give me one example about Mr. Romney’ s talk where he mention what you claim..He loves America.That is enough.The liberals hate America.Jalal Michael

    • I disagree, he loves himself and that’s about it. The liberals are not all bad, and they definitely don’t hate America, I don’t think any party representative hates America, even the ones that I disagree with. I’m sorry I’m short on time, but I promise that I will pass long any interest reads I come across.

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