My Bubbles

So after those stunning bubbles photos, I decided to venture with bubbles. We took the kids for a walk and told them we’re going to blow some bubbles, and of course they loved the idea. Then comes the part where I wanted to take pictures and boy that was hard! These things are so light and delicate that by the time you focus on one it either flies away with slightest breeze or simply pops. I ended up taking many pictures and picked some that were worth sharing. Now they’re not as stunning as the ones from my previous post, but there’re worth sharing. After all it was a lot of fun 🙂


You can actually see my reflection with my husband who nicely agreed to blow some bubbles for me 🙂

Stretched between the two leaves.


Us again, this time in color!




My son’s contribution, he said “quickly mommy take a picture, I’m holding it for you”




I actually think I will try it again.

32 thoughts on “My Bubbles

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      • Thank you – and I am enjoying browsing and reading your blog. Wish I had your eye for photography! My daughter thinks she is all grown up (as my son thinks he is all grown up) Teenage years are a whole other kinda fun! The bubble dancer is still inside – just distracted by wanting to be `grown up`.

      • Yiu are too kind, photography is a hobby that I’m trying to get better at, and I have a long way to go 🙂

        I’m not looking forward to anything teenage after dealing with my baby brother who’s turning 20 this summer. As exhausting as it is I will try enjoying my little ones being around for as long as I can 🙂

  2. These pictures are so very nice: the colors are so vivid and the contrast of the greens with the shine of the bubbles is just wonderful. Great shots!

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