Smoke Art

Came across these on and found them to be inspirational and unique. These are photographs, some were colored using photoshop without altering the original photo. I would imagine it’s very hard, yet extremely impressive. Do you agree with the titles of the pictures or do you see somethings else?

Wonderful Examples Of Inspirational Smoke Photography

Smoke Angel



Another Rose

Ghostly Robot

Face Without a Name


Dancing Angel

Smokey Rose


Goat or Medieval Horse?

Mother and Child

Smoke Woman

Smokey Whirls

For You

Smoke Art Earth


Pregnant Lady

The Rose!

Is it a Smoky Tulip?

Layers of Silk

Purple Haze all in my Brain


Rising Above

Prehistoric Bird

Boy Playing With His New Kite

20 thoughts on “Smoke Art

  1. stunning. i burned some incense once and took a picture, and it looked like a seahorse. gotta find that picture again i was impressed by that “accident” 🙂

  2. Some of these snaps remind me of Bernice Abbott’s MIT science photos. When I saw the first one I tried not to look at your post, because I’m a former smoker. I stopped when I was pregnant with Storsh, nearly 2 years ago, yet I still dream about smoking and will follow people down the street still to get a whiff of their “perfume” — it’s just awful how much I love it. Anyway, darling designer, thank you lots for sharing!

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