Architectural Wonders

I came across this and fell in love! My favorite is the Piano building, what about you?

 25 Perfect Architectural Designs On Perfect Locations

 Posted on 22. Mar, 2012 by Ozone11 on ozoneeleven

Structural design in common term to be described as buildings. As science has progressed so much, nowadays a lot of different style of structures and buildings are being made on different locations.  Beautiful building architecture is symbols of quality and talent for any country and artists creativity. Adding colours to them make them look more attractive and worth watching. Today, in this post, we have gathered “25 Perfect Architectural Designs On Perfect Locations” from pixdaus. Take a look I am sure u wouldn’t have seen anything like this before.

Central St. Giles, London (Renzo Piano architect)

Fukuoka, architect! Emilio Ambasz

By Tomas Medina

The Sun Sets On Chateau De Chillon

Fougeres, France – chateau ramparts

Gas Natural building, Barcelona, Spain

Abandoned mill in Sorrento, Italy

Piano Building

Architect Design

Gaudi Barcelona

Osaka, Japan

Kaleto Fortress – Bulgaria

A Mega Real Estate Project On Artificial Islands Durrat Al Bahrain

By pavelkozdas

A house on Lake Como – Italy

A little church at Passo Gardena, Italy

la Costiera Amalfitana

The National Museum of the American Indian located on the National Mall in Washington DC

Chateau de Montfort – France

Habitat, Montreal

Hotel Puerta America in Madrid – entry to the fourth floor

Temple (location unknown)

Interior del Coliseo ( Roma )

Skane – Turning Torso

Triple Spiral Staircase

Carson Mansion, Eureka CA


38 thoughts on “Architectural Wonders

  1. Though it is not my favorite building,it’d def pick it from this list: turning torso by Ar.Santiago Calatrava.I remember i was totally fascinated by this building when i was in second year of my architecture school,as i learned how the architect derived inspiration from the form of a twisted human upper body,and how it really was suitable for that specific site.Also one of my fav buildings ever is The Falling Water,by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.You should check that out…

  2. Hey Rasha… great post! I visited the Gaudi building (Casa Milá) and no photo does it justice. The colours are amazing. Though it’s not my favourite here. I’m torn between the Central St. Giles and the old mill in Sorrento, Italy.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Some great buildings, great designs, great concepts……I do though wonder if some of the modern architecture will stand the test of time. Tale St. Giles London…will it look as good in 50 years time, do they really have the style and charm of much of our older buildings

    • Interesting you bring that up, I’m a big fan of old and classical buildings, and while I think modern architecture has a lot to offer, I can’t help but wonder the same thing.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  4. What a very hard question to answer! So many are on my ¨fave¨list… I guess first pick for me is the abandoned mill in Sorrento. I also like the temple in an undisclosed location, though, and for 3rd place I guess I vote for either of the two Frog chateaux. But that Renzo Piano, though I don´t ´like´it is interesting as is that little curvy microvillage in Japan.

    Thanks for the look, what fun!

  5. Nice pics! Too many favorites to comment on. However, one would think a national museum for the American Indian would include some sort of design features relative to the American Indian instead of Frank Lloyd Wright or someone. A lot of other interesting buildings, like the twisted sister. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    And thanks for dropping by my f-stop fantasy blog ( ) and Liking a number of them. Feel free to drop by my other two blogs:
    Odds and End Thoughts at and
    The Biblical Apologist at

  6. Great cross section of architecture – very nice selection, Leanova.
    regarding the comment above about the National Museum of the American Indian: it was designed by Douglas Cardinal, a Canadian architect and Blackfoot/Metis Indian.

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