When I lived in Chicago a couple of years ago, we experienced one of the most brutal winters there. We got a snow storm followed by temperatures dropping to 4F, -15C! The result was just a fairy tale. Everything was coated in ice, and this is what it looked like.






40 thoughts on “Freeze

  1. It’s wonderland dear Rasha! Thank you for the beautiful pictures my talented friend overseas, I’m going to reblog it, so that a lot of people will get the chance to enjoy it as much as I did! XOX

  2. Beautiful pics! I remember that winter in the midwest quite clearly even though I was here in Oregon… I was the customer service manager at The Fruit Company at the time and it was a brutal winter for shipping fresh fruit gifts. Needless to say, as the person in charge of handling the problems it made it stick in my mind. πŸ™‚ As hard as it was on me I was extremely relieved to not be in the middle of it, even though we had a rough winter that year too. Anyway, back to your pics… gorgeous and highlights the fact that beauty can be found even when life is difficult. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you came by my blog today, I look forward to poking around yours some more.

      • I’d have thought otherwise. We have so much to learn if we open our mind. Guess more is involved than POINT AND SHOOT. You probably have to have the right light, the right time of day, the right shutter speed, the right F-stop (whatever that is). And I’m sure there are a lot more variables that go into making it look EASY! Kudos.

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