TypeIs: A New Typography App That Lets You Draw Poems With Letters

I love technology, and I love typography! Came across this today and I can’ wait to try it out. Looks awesome, I wonder if it’ll be a way to “draw your thoughts.” I’m excited about it. Make sure to check it out and donate if interested, seems worth the buzz.

Posted on http://designtaxi.com on 27 Feb 2012

Canada-based artist, designer and researcher Travis Kirton has come up with a prototype of two interactive text-based applications that allows the user to essentially draw with type.

Called ‘TypeIs’, it makes use of nonlinear and gestural typesetting to enable users to express text and poems visually by “drawing” poems using words and letters as ink.

This fun and cool app can import large blocks of text as well as images that can be later traced.

The user can also experiment with font, size and color, as well as the angling of the pen to achieve different effects.

Kirton is currently trying to raise funds of almost $23, 000 through Sokap to build a commercially viable and tested verson of TypeIs.

If successful, both a mobile app and a desktop version will be developed.



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