Shushtar: An Ancient City

Shushtar (شوشتر)  is the capital of Shushtar CountyKhuzestan Province in Iran. It is known for its historical hydraulic system dating back to Darius the Great (داريوش الكبير) in the 5th century B.C. It includes Band-e Kaisar (Caesar’s dam), which was a Roman arch bridge that was combined with a dam, the first dam built in Iran. It has been said that this large bridge was built by captive Roman soldiers by the order of the Sassanian Shah Shapur 1st when he defeated the Roman emperor Valerian. The system supported agriculture productivity in the city for centuries until its deterioration in the 19th century.





Here is a brief description from “The system involved the creation of two main diversion canals on the river Kârun one of which, Gargar canal, is still in use providing water to the city of Shushtar via a series of tunnels that supply water to mills. It forms a spectacular cliff from which water cascades into a downstream basin. It then enters the plain situated south of the city where it has enabled the planting of orchards and farming over an area of 40,000 ha. known as Mianâb (Paradise). The property has an ensemble of remarkable sites including the Salâsel Castel, the operation centre of the entire hydraulic system, the tower where the water level is measured, damns, bridges, basins and mills. It bears witness to the know-how of the Elamites and Mesopotamians as well as more recent Nabatean expertise and Roman building influence.”





Today, Shustar is visited regularly for swimming, boating, kayaking and is home for over 94,124 people.

* ALl the pictures are from ibda3world.



8 thoughts on “Shushtar: An Ancient City

  1. Excellent post! The Persians really were so advanced. Thank you, though, this entry has helped me decide what next to post on the Near Eastern treasures on THATLou: Darius’s palace at Susa!

  2. thanks for your post i live in khuzestan and i’m originally from shushtar.when you get there you fell travel in time by all mean.
    professor guirshman says that its one of the first that human being ever’s city o f peace and culture i hope you come and enjoy one day

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