Paper Quilling: Featuring Amna El-Fard

Did you know paper quilling could get that complex and look that awesome? I didn’t. From the United Arab Emirates, the delicate work of Amna El-Fard combines beauty, elegance and patience. What started as an endless fascination with paper, has now won Amna 3 places in 3 different categories at the Quilling Guilds annual competition in the UK. Amna was the only artist from the Middle East to participate in this competition. She hopes to publish a book about the art of paper quilling in the future, which would be the first in its kind written in Arabic. You can find her website Mannaya here, she also has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.













7 thoughts on “Paper Quilling: Featuring Amna El-Fard

    • Yes, she really is. I wish more middle eastern artists -specially women- get enough attention, support and resources to shine, it’s the least they deserve. There are many great talents who were never granted the opportunity to exist!

      Thank you Rana for stopping by.

      • Unfortunately Rasha you are right. We , the women in the Arab world, have so much talent and creativity but as you said there aren’t a lot of opportunities to help this creativity blossom.Hopefully , through blogs like yours they will find a spark of hope for these talents!
        P.S: Glad to know your name, my sister’s name is Rasha.

      • 😀 My best friend growing up was a lebanese girl named Rana! unfortunately we lost touch after moving so many times and I still can’t find her, but didn’t loose hope 🙂

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