Introducing Adobe Muse

Today I attended a workshop  introducing Muse, a code name for the next Adobe product to build websites. Over the years Adobe has really managed to excel with all their software, and it’s still coming! If you know your way around Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, you’ll find your way easy around Muse. With Muse you have the ability to create websites without dealing with any html or coding at all. Just make a site map and place your text and graphics files on every page. And when you’re done, you just hit the publish button- yes it’s that easy! It also has some really cool features, like file linking which enables instant updates, and the ability to automatically define headers and footers simply by name or by placing an object in that area. Pretty neat! The software should be released in early 2012, so probably very soon? For now you can enjoy the Beta version FREE. It can be downloaded from the Adobe website and is projected to have a monthly subscription of $15 once the full version is released. While Muse is perfect for portfolio websites, events, conferences and small business websites, it’s unable to build databases. So for us designers it’s a big reason to celebrate, but don’t let go of your web developer contacts yet. You will still need them for complex websites and databases. Having said that, the more I learned at the workshop, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of the end for web developers. The quick and short answer is NO, but in few years and after a few updated versions, who knows! Only time will tell..

This is a Showcase from Adobe featuring some of the websites created using Muse:

Aleberry Creative

A creative agency shows off their design skills using the flexibility and fine control available in Muse. More details ›

Eliana T. Stein

Browse the intuitive, cleanly organized portfolio of Illustrator Eliana Stein. More details ›

Lucid Synergy

See how a web design firm utilizes Muse to create a clean, elegant microsite to promote their business. More details ›

Visual Arms

Muse helps a designer flesh out an impressively detailed site showcasing his work.More details ›


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