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While I was getting my daily dose of updates, I came across this blog thinkdesign offering free various texture files to download in high resolution. Textures can make your design a lot more interesting when used the right way, so go ahead and try. I’m featuring the wood and foam textures because I like them more, but there are many more available 🙂

10 Exclusive High-Res Wood Textures by TextureQualityPro

Posted on thinkdesign by Nick Pagano on Nov 11, 2011

I’ve got some Friday afternoon textures for y’all! The other day, I was contacted by Andrea, a new site offering free & premium textures and patterns. They wanted to offer y’all an exclusive set of Textures.

As an avid texture enthusiast, as I know y’all are, I of course said sure. So here are the results. 10 Super High-Res (4245px x 2835px / 300DPI) wood textures, free for commercial and personal use.

I’m including a preview of a few of the textures below. Thanks again to Andrea for the awesome exclusive.

To download click here

30 High-Res Foam Dot Textures

Posted on thinkdesign by Nick Pagano on Oct 21, 2010

Today I’ve got some cool, unique textures for you. Recently we got our nephew this foam dot molding stuff for him to play with. It looks like that dippin dots ice cream. You know, the ice cream of the future. 🙂 Anyway, it came in a couple of cool colors, and he really liked it. They make for some really cool textures, so I thought I’d bust out the camera and make a freebie pack. I’m including a couple of previews below, but there are 30 total. Enjoy!

To download click here

They also have free photoshop brushes to download. Thanks thinkdesign!

Free 27 high resolution play dough textures

Free 25 high resolution storm cloud textures


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