“Remember that Guy that Gave Up? Neither does Anybody Else”

I read this quote on Facebook, and it immediately struck me as the perfect title for the post I was working on. And here it is:

Being a wife and mother of 3 kids, ages 5 and under, is more than a full time job and can be exhausting at times. Now trying to add a freelance graphic designer to my list is a new challenge!

A few days ago I found myself falling into the depths of my hectic daily life, this life that I happily dedicate to my family and loved ones, while still trying to keep my career alive. I started doubting myself and wondering if this is the right time to get back into it, or maybe the kids are just still too young. Should I just give up and try again in few years? But I never gave up on anything, and I am usually very stubborn. My thoughts then drifted into thinking of friends and people around me. They all have struggles, one is fighting cancer while the other is fighting a vicious custody battle. Another lost their only source of income and someone else lost their home. But, none of them gave up, and if they can do it then I definitely can!

The next morning I got to speak to my mentor who happens to be an expert in the Visual Arts. By the time I got off the phone, I was filled with so much positive energy that I could conquer the world! He said: “always follow your gut feeling, cause life is just too short to ignore it. We’re not meant to only make money, but also to make a difference in this world, and no one will fulfill your purpose except you!” And when I asked him about expressing my personal views in my work, he responded: “You need to use all the experience you have as an artist, a mother, an Arab American and otherwise in your work. And if someone asks you to stop doing something that you feel so strongly about, you tell them to shut up because unless they’re giving you money, they can’t tell you what to do!”

While I’m not into writing, I felt the need to share this positive energy with everyone, especially mothers who are struggling to follow their dreams. Perhaps it could encourage and lift someone who needs a push forward, because the fact is that no matter how cloudy it is sometimes, it always clears up to the sunny blue sky!


20 thoughts on ““Remember that Guy that Gave Up? Neither does Anybody Else”

  1. I feel your struggles since, in many ways, we’re in similar boats (mother of 3 boys under the age of 6). I do think that sometimes, it’s too hard to do something – but mostly because I’m not mentally ready for it. But I think, if and when you finally find the motivation and energy to do it, to just go for it. It’s like starting a business or having a baby, there is never a perfect time, sometimes, you just need to jump in and make the most of the opportunity and experience iA.

    Wishing you much much success and love 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be amazing at whatever you put your mind to.

  2. Very inspiring post and you are absolutely correct. Being a working mom is a tremendous challenge in its own. Whenever you come close to having a blue day where you are about to fall into the depths of your doubts, just remember the times where you are shout your son’s name and say “Honey, you are almost there… Keep going! I am very proud of you!” Our children are our best teachers after all. Being a mother teaches reminds you of the list of the golden qualities that you adhere to and would like to extend to your own kids, to NEVER give-up certainly stands out on your list. Remember your kids when you need motivation, remember your loved ones shouting:” Rasha, you almost made it to the finish line!. Keep going and we are all so proud of you!.”

    Success is not an occasional coincidence; it is a series of many blue days and hard work followed by a long awaited sunshine and blue skies. I’ll meet you there.

  3. Thank you Leavona for the visit ,its nice to hear from you .Warm wishes.jalal

  4. Outstanding post.Shookran,for liking my post. .Wishing you Success.Sincerely jalal .(l am glad that you speak Arabic.)

  5. Hi Rasha,for the second time l wanted to tell you this.Our son just got his Masters in English Literature.Now his wife is encouraged to get her Master degree in history.They have three Kids 10,9.and 30 month old .l an my wife are babysitting for the young. one .This Nov.Our daughter in law will get her Master degree..l went back to college even though l am retired .Because l wanted to study Music which l couldn’t do while raising the Children.l fulfilled my dream of play.Oud after 25 years It took me 3 years and countless hours of practicing .If we can achieve an ambition today its better to go after it rather than waiting for tomorrow.l published my first book in 1995..l wish you success.You are a mother of three l think you can achieve anything We are the Masters of our fate..Jalal

    • Jalal, thank you so much for your heart felt encouraging comment. It means so much to me that you took the time to share your personal experience. I dream of getting a masters in architecture one day, we’ll see. Thanks again for your support 🙂

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