Shadow Art

Didn’t realize how far shadow art has gone! Enjoy an incredible collection of shadow art sculptures prepared by Charlie B. Johnson on www.

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Being in the graphic design field, I have always been intrigued to learn about various forms of artwork. Lately I came across a concept that left me spellbound…Shadow Art. Shadow Art has its root from the art of shadowgraphy, a skill of creating images using hand shadows. This technique was commonly used in Far East countries like China in shows to entertain people using hand shadows.

With the passage of time and the invention of electricity, shadow art has adopted several forms. Shadow art using a light source is one of the modern tricks these days. The contemporary shadow art technique relies on light source proceeding from the smallest possible point on an object. These objects can vary from human beings to artworks created from junk and scrap metal. The concept behind shadow art is careful placement of objects so that they reveal a meaningful message in the shadow when light filters through them.

Several illusionist and artist have mastered in the field of creating shadow sculptures. Many websites showcase shadow art that belong to various artists but fail to mention all of them. But after careful research, I have collected the masterpieces of four creative artists and have accredited each of them respectively. These include Fred EerdekensKumi YamashitaTim Noble & Sue Webster andShigeo Fukuda.

The following 20 shadow sculptures are hard to believe and captivating at the same time. So guys just have a look at these scintillating artworks and get amazed.

• Shadow Art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster:

Shadow Art 1

Shadow Art 2

Shadow Art 3

Shadow Art 4

Shadow Art 5


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